3 NGO Courses To Improve Your Skills

NGO courses

NGOs are instrumental in filling the voids left by governmental and business entities. They deliver aid in times of humanitarian crises, champion the cause of human rights, stand up for social equity, and launch initiatives that tackle pressing socio-economic issues.

Unfortunately, NGOs face a myriad of challenges that deters them from achieving these goals. One major challenge is the limited technical knowledge and capacity of staff and stakeholders to design, fundraise, implement, monitor and evaluate development projects.

We developed the NGO Bundle (3 self-paced courses accessible online, anytime) to help employees and professionals (and anyone involved directly or indirectly in NGO or development work) bridge these knowledge and skills gaps.

1. Project Management Course

Learn how to design, plan, implement, control, and close development projects.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and apply the main concepts, theories, and approaches in project management.
  • Apply the Logical Framework Approach in designing a project.
  • Plan and conduct a baseline survey.
  • Develop the Project Management Plan (12 subsidiary plans) to guide the implementation phase.
  • Implement, monitor, and control the project.
  • Successfully close the project.

2. Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning [MEL] Course

Learn how to design and apply M&E frameworks, M&E systems, M&E plans, and conduct project evaluations among others.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and apply the main concepts, theories, and approaches in Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Develop and apply the various Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks.
  • Design a Monitoring and Evaluation system.
  • Develop a Monitoring and Evaluation plan.
  • Plan and conduct a project/program evaluation.

3. Fundraising & Proposal Writing Course

Become an effective fundraiser and raise the much-needed funding to run and sustain your organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the principles of fundraising and proposal writing.
  • Identify and explain various sources of funds for nonprofits.
  • Explain various fundraising techniques [online and offline] and select the most feasible ones for your nonprofit.
  • Understand the fundraising cycle and apply it in your fundraising efforts, from prospecting to building strong donor relations.
  • Create a fundraising strategic plan, and lead in implementing it.
  • Learn and utilize donor CRM software.
  • Understand what type of donors will be interested in your project and how to approach them.
  • Examine your organizational fundraising and grant-seeking readiness.
  • Design a project, develop an M&E plan, and prepare a realistic budget.
  • Undertake donor research using online donor databases.
  • Plan for and write (step-by-step) a compelling project proposal and submit it for review.

Why take our NGO Courses?

  • Gain strategic skills development/capacity building
  • Courses content is relatable, practical and applicable
  • Value for money and affordability
  • Save more – up to 70%! 3 courses for the fee of one
  • Get lifetime access to all the three courses, plus all future updates
  • 100% convenient – learn when you can, from anywhere, anytime (self-paced)
  • Flexible payment terms


  • You’ll earn a separate certificate for each completed course
  • Courses can be taken/completed in any order
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