Accessibility Statement

At RizikiSkills, we are committed to making our online learning platform accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. We believe that education should be inclusive and accessible to all, and we are constantly working to ensure that our website and course content are user-friendly and comply with accessibility guidelines.

Our efforts to improve accessibility include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing alternative text for images and multimedia elements.
  • Ensuring that our website is navigable using keyboard controls.
  • Using clear and easy-to-read fonts and text sizes.
  • Offering closed captioning for video content.
  • Maintaining compatibility with screen readers and other assistive technologies.

We are aware that accessibility is an ongoing process, and we are dedicated to seeking out further improvements. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we encourage you to let us know about any accessibility issues you encounter while using our platform.

Please feel free to contact our support team at admin@rizikiskills.com if you have any questions or require assistance related to accessibility. Your access to education and training is important to us, and we are here to support you in your learning journey.

RizikiSkills remains committed to creating an inclusive and accessible learning environment, and we look forward to being your partner in your educational and training pursuits.

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