Staff Development

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Staff development is a guaranteed job performance improvement strategy.
Let your employees enroll in our programs and study from anywhere, anytime while you track their learning progress in real-time.
Save up to 90% of your training budget by purchasing a Group License.

Our Methodology

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We have developed fully online and self-paced essential skills development programs whose curricula meet the capacity-building needs of these sectors. 
Each program comprises at least five courses required to fully upskill/reskill participants to perform at the highest level possible.
Participants receive downloadable individual course certificates and a program certificate (after completion of all program courses). 

Benefits Corporates Gain

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Return on Investment in corporate training is always positive, can be very high, and always result in better outcomes for any organization.
A study by Accenture revealed that for every dollar invested in training, companies received $4.53 in return (353% RoI).
A similar study by MIT Sloan School of Management placed the RoI at 250%.
Upskillist found that 58% of employees prefer to learn at their own pace and in the comfort of their homes.
There are many more studies and underscoring evidence of positive impact on corporate training in organizations.
Going by this, your organization stand nothing to lose but everything to gain:
  • Increased efficiency, increased productivity, increased employee motivation, reduced turnover, improved brand value, meet compliance requirements, etc.

How it Works

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The organization purchases a group license for the desired number of employees/participants to be trained.
Participants are auto enrolled in respective programs and start learning immediately from anywhere, anytime.
A Group Admin (e.g., line manager/HR) is granted access to a real-time group dashboard to view progress reports and manage participants. 

Online courses for NGOs and small businesses
*Accredited – RizikiLearn is a National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) training provider.
*Experienced instructors – first-hand and real-world professional experience firmly rooted in the African development and business context. 
*Quality content – course materials are rich and thorough. Contents include notes, videos, quizzes, social-learning powered discussions, polls, and assignments.
*Convenient – employees/participants study from anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace. They immediately apply what they learn at work. 
*Value for money  we recognize our duty and responsibility to offer products and services that balance efficiency and effectiveness.
*Verifiable and shareable certificates – graduates can verify and digitally add their new credentials on LinkedIn and other social sites.
*Private sessions – increased engagement and value through private 1 on 1 coaching sessions.
*Free technical support – get all the support you need to reach your learning goals.

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